Malik Ahmad’s Vision for Scarborough Southwest (SSW), Ward 20!

SSW of tomorrow should offer the highest quality of life for its residents.

I’m a proud Canadian, small business owner and a resident of Scarborough Southwest. I am a committed volunteer and community leader who believes that, with the right leadership, we can build a strong future for our city together. Community service has always played a key role in my life. I have the vision to lead and am passionate about serving you at City Hall as Your Strong Voice.

I am committed to accelerating economic recovery as well as developing the community in our riding to ensure that we all have a better quality of life for today and in the future. We need leadership that works now more than ever.

As your next City Councillor, I am ready to serve the people and the city I love. I will be a champion for building a better and more liveable city. I will fight for safe affordable housing, rent control, seniors and youth, better quality job creation, climate action, public transit, health care, explore safer cycling infrastructure that also considers traffic flow, expanded and reliable community and public services, investments in local arts and culture programs. I am committed to positively transforming Scarborough Southwest into a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Together, we can and will make a difference!

Meet Malik Ahmad,

Malik Ahmad is a small business owner and founder of the International Indian Film Festival Toronto (IIFFT), which was created as a celebration of Indian film and culture in Canada, and served as a catalyst for global unity through film art. He is known as hard working and diligent by both business and community leaders and has frequently been recognized for his work and leadership within the community.

He is a committed and passionate community fundraiser, and continues to work with several charitable and non-profit organizations including participation and supporting the SickKids, UNICEF and Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons.

Malik is a graduate of Seneca College in Computer Engineering and attended the Information Technology Management program at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).

He has supported, and continues to actively support Canadian democracy through political advocacy since 2004.

Malik's Priorities


Accessible and Accountable Government


Improve Public Education


Commitment to Climate Action


Make Housing Affordable


Building Reliable, Expanded and Affordable Public Transportation


Post COVID Recovery, Economic Development and Jobs Creation


Support for Local Small Businesses


Improve Public and Community Safety


Better and Safer Bikeways

Why Vote for Me

Malik strongly believes that it is possible to create better neighbourhoods when we all work together. He will work hard every day to earn your trust and be your Strong Voice at Toronto City Hall.

Please reach out if you have any suggestions, questions, or would like to get involved.



Please reach out via email if you have any suggestions,
questions, or would like to get involved.